Slay Your Enemies, Reclaim the Throne in 12Garnet Battle of Heroes

Slay Your Enemies, Reclaim the Throne in 12Garnet Battle of Heroes

AdvantPlay’s slots have that exclusive feel because most of their online casino games are only available for registered casinos. In this casino slots review, we’re taking a look at the game Battle of Heroes, one of the developer’s games that are as attractive graphically as it is based on the gameplay.

Battle of Heroes’ characters look like some of the heavily-used MOBA designs available today. We’re going to take a look at how the game plays graphically, then delve into how it plays based on the RTP. We’re also going to see whether there’s a bonus connected to it courtesy of the 12BET online platform it belongs to.

What Battle of Heroes is Really Like

The game reads like quite the MOBA. Heroes are fighting for a throne in a far-away land, and you—the player—must claim it if you want the power for yourself. You’ll be aided by the heroes, which are found on the reels. It’s got a very decent RTP at 96.60% and a variance in the Medium settings.

On the reels, you’ll get 5 of those partnered with 3 rows to craft your 243 ways of winning. There are Free Games here, including some Stacked Wilds, Consecutive Multipliers, and an Avalanche Reel. Those seem like good things and it seems to be one of the better reels from Advantplay.

Makes It Worth Playing Newer Slots Like This

If you’re new to playing online casino slots, then you’d better get playing casino online for real money. You should also sign up with 12Garnet or any of its affiliate clubs under the 12BET platform. When you’re a member of 12Ruby, 12Crystal, 12Topaz, 12Quartz, 12Amber, 12Sapphire, or 12Opal, you have a chance at winning a 100% bonus!

All you have to do is to make a fresh deposit and pick the casino club you’re under. Afterwards, click on the “CLAIM NOW” button on the casino promotions page. The bonus will be found in your account once your deposit is processed.

MOBA with Money

To be frank, what people are really looking at with Battle of Heroes is a chance to play online slots with a MOBA quality, but with money. There’s nothing quite like getting a bigger chance to win the jackpot. If you’re a beginner looking for a slot to play, list this one down into your playlist.


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