Steal Wins Away from Evil Playing 12Quartz Moriarty Megaways

Steal Wins Away from Evil Playing 12Quartz Moriarty Megaways

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hit literary gold when he completed his masterpiece in the series of Sherlock Holmes stories. Perhaps, something that iSoftBet casinos also saw as an opportunity is how famous the series of stories involving his arch-nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, is.

Join us in this 12BET review as we take a look at iSoftBet’s Moriarty Megaways, a game that is included in the 12Quartz section of the gaming platform. We’ll take a look at the bonuses that are inherent in the game as well as the 12BET bonuses connected to it.

The Nuts and Bolts of Moriarty Megaways

The appealing thing about Moriarty and Holmes’ battles was that it was a battle of wits and genius. You have a do-gooder on one side, while on the other, you have a criminal genius. Of this series of online slot casino games, Moriarty Megaways makes a bid to be remembered for its RTP, which is rated at 96%.

It’s got quite a high number of ways to win set at 117,649. It can also go as far as 352,947 if the player hits a bonus during gameplay. The multipliers, meanwhile, are set at somewhere as low as 2x to 5x your stake. To get these, of course, you’ll need to track down Moriarty or, at the very least, his pocket watch—the game’s Wild symbol.

Winning Through Free Spins

If you opt to win through Free Spins, though, then you’ve played the right game. That’s the beauty of 12Quartz slots—they’re connected to the 400 Free Spins Weekly Rewards from 12BET! Moriarty Megaways is only one of many games eligible for this reward, the others being under the 12Amber club.

All you have to do is to spin as much as you can in these clubs before the next Tuesday comes, where the free spins will be reset. Fill in the valid details at the promo page and then click on Submit. You can get anywhere from 10 to as much as 200 free spins!

One of iSoftBet’s Finest?

Perhaps the biggest draw in playing this game is that there’s a chance to win 37,500x your stake. Whether you play it on the app or not, the thing is that this could appeal to hardcore players who love a little theme to go with their spinning for jackpots.


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