Tempting Fates with QQ Spirit – Basics of the 12BET Game

Good day! This tutorial will help you become a master of the 12BET IDN card game QQ Spirit in minutes. In the game, you will see a table marked ‘FIXED’. At the table, the player who takes the bookie chair (top position) will be designated as the permanent bookie.

If you choose to play in a regular table, the players take turns becoming a dealer. The movement of it is in a clockwise direction, which happens within 3 periods. A player can also become a dealer by keeping a sufficient dealer balance.


How to Play

Once the player is settled at the table, they must choose the number of coins they want to bet during that round.

After choosing your bet amount, click “Confirm Bet” to finalize your choice. You can also use the “Last Bet” button to use your bets in the rounds prior. Only players can use this function, while the designated dealer can only follow the number of bets that are set by the players.

The player will the proceed to be dealt one card. They will also have a few moments to decide whether they want to multiply their bet or to stick with the one they have previously set. For players who want to double their bet, select the “Double” option. Selecting “Hold” will make you forfeit any chances to grow your bet and will set your wagers for the round.

If you haven’t made any moves before the time expires, your choice will automatically be set to “Hold”.

After having your choice automatically set to hold, you’ll be asked whether to open your card to the opponent or not. Choose the card you want to show to your opponent (it will be marked in blue) then choose “Open Card” to show the card.

Once you open one of the cards, you’ll receive one more card. Your points will then be added up from the three cards.

If you instead choose to “Cancel” or did not make a choice at all, that means you chose not to show your card to your opponent and you played with both cards. You can then wait until the timer runs out or to reveal your card immediately by choosing “Show”.

*When you get the second card and the number of points is 9 (highest point in the game), then you will automatically only play with 2 cards. You cannot choose to get a third card


Determining the Winner

In the 12BET game QQ Spirit, the winner is chosen through the highest score. Refer to the examples below to know which player is the winner. You can also see detailed explanations. In the images for the examples, the player is marked with blue while the dealer’s cards are marked in red:

Player Win

If the value of the player’s cards is greater than the dealer’s, the dealer will pay the player’s stake.


Dealer Win

When the value of the dealer’s cards is greater than the player’s, the dealer will take the bet money from the player.


Tie – Dealer Win

The dealer always wins if he gets the same score as the player.


Q Card (9) – Player Win

If the player has cards that have a value of 9, the dealer must pay twice the value of the player’s bet.


Q Card (9) – Dealer Win

If the dealer has cards that sum up to 9, the dealer takes all bets even if the player has a higher value.


Know Your Domino Cards

During each round of the game, both dealer and player receives 28 domino cards which are distributed equally between all people on the table. If you want to remember these cards, the easiest way is to group them to 7 different series of card types as described below:

0 (zero) Dots Series: 7 cards total. Each card has an empty part on the upper or lower side. Here are the cards:


1 (one) Dot Series: 6 cards total. Each card has one big dot on the upper or lower side. Here are the cards:


2 (two) Dots Series: 5 cards total. Each card has two dots on the upper or lower side:


3 (three) Dots Series: 4 cards total. Each card has three dots on the upper or lower side:


4 (four) Dots Series: 3 cards total. Each card has four dots on the upper or lower side:


5 (five) Dots Series: 2 cards total. Each card has five dots on the upper or lower side:


6 (six) Dots Series: Only 1 card has six dots part on the upper and lower side:


If QQ Spirit doesn’t appeal to you, there are a lot of other online poker games available in 12BET’s stable. But now that you have a grasp of the basics, you can start playing! Good luck and have fun!!


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