The Sequel is Here in 12Topaz and Flow Gaming’s Gemix 2

The Sequel is Here in 12Topaz and Flow Gaming’s Gemix 2

There are a lot of gem-based slot machines right now that it’s getting more difficult to know what slots are perfect for your money games, and which ones are mainstream mobile or PC games. Gemix 2 promises that you’ll get both experiences, and that’s why we’re doing a casino slot review on whether it should be a game you should play.

This slot promises to be one of the better 12Topaz games out there, but does it have enough shine and glimmer to pull off that promise? Let’s take a gander and see if this slot does have all the gemstones and shiny things to occupy players for hours and hours.

A Very Attractive Time at the Slots

It looks like the developers have gone with design this time. Flow Gaming seems to have picked captivating players through the graphics of the game alone, and they’ve got that going for them. These gems are well designed and look like they’re really shining for real.

The gameplay is done on a 7×7 grid with 49 symbols appearing on it at any time. Players can use bets of as low as 10 to 100 credits at a high to make their wagers. The RTP stands at 96.26% and this slot machine has a variance of 7,500x the player’s stake, which isn’t bad based on most standards.

More Spins than You Can Manage

Have you ever tried to play while having more spins that you think you can use? The full experience of Gemix 2 requires players to have their best games every Friday. That’s because there are random 1212 players who will receive free spins every Friday, based on the system selection.

How do you know that you’re the lucky player who gets to try whether the slot RTP is real? It’s as simple as logging in and waiting for a notification. You’ll know that you got selected through this notification and you’ll instantly get your spins for the week. Use them before Friday, where another selection of players get chances on these free spins.

More Wins than You Can Get…?

Gemix 2 doesn’t differentiate that much from the source. It’s still the same Gemix game, at a lower return. If it’s not the slot for you, then there are other casino games to play on the platform. If you’re only beginning to play, though, it just might be the slot that gets you into the groove of playing for prizes. Try out this 12BET slot now and try your hand at winning 5x in a row.


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