Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright with 12BET’s Tiger Stacks

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright with 12BET’s Tiger Stacks

If you still haven’t solved your craving for Asian-themed slots, then here is another Oriental-themed slot for you. The 12BET game Tiger Stacks is inspired by Chinese mythology, but it is centered more on the wild animals that roam the ancient Asian landscape more than anything else.

The Playtech developed Tiger Stacks has a diverse range of prizes that it offers. You’ll get whatever your fix may be, from free spins to fixed jackpots, it has it all. Is it another game that casino lovers will flock to, though? That’s what we’re here to find out.

The Graphics and Design

You do get your money’s worth when you play this reel (it’s on the better side of quality). The reel is designed to feature the wild fauna of the Asian continent, primarily the Tigers. There are different species of this dangerous feline on the reels, acting as symbols (white, black, and the standard orange) while the other icons feature Chinese symbols.

You can also encounter Yin Yang symbols along with the other designs. There are wilds here, a Chinese lantern, and the Golden Ingot. Other symbols don’t bear a connection to Chinese lore and mythology but are added because they share in the theme of the slot machine.

Feature-Rich Slots

You have to look for the symbols on the five reels, and there is also a big chance of hitting the Wild on reels 2 to 5. The Wild doesn’t really give you a prize, unlike other symbols, though it takes the place of the other symbols. It’s also there to give you the chance to roll the bonus icons.

What you need to look out for while spinning the slot machine is the Yin Yang symbol. It becomes a Scatter once it lands on the first three wheels. The Scatter also helps you land any version of the free spins, which would give you the best chance to multiply your wins.

A Final Note

Tiger Stacks is an online slot which is an excellent example of a simple, Asian-themed game. The most you can get from this slot is 200x your initial bet, so you’d better target 1 of any 3 jackpots. If you’re really lucky, you could chance upon all Tiger symbols on the reels and go home with a jackpot in winnings.


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