Unleash the Power of the Chinese Zodiac with 12Emerald Zodiac Charms

Unleash the Power of the Chinese Zodiac with 12Emerald Zodiac Charms

Playtech has a lot of themed slots in their stable, and one popular such theme is of the Asian persuasion. 12Emerald lists Zodiac Charms as one of their better slots, for a good reason. The game is based on the Chinese Zodiac, featuring all the animals on the aforementioned wheel of fate.

If you’re a fan of the Chinese Zodiac, then you’ll get your fill here. There are lots of ways you can go home with a substantial fortune through playing this game and that’s only one facet of it. There are other things to love with this online slot.

A One-of-a-Kind Game

Zodiac Charms is one truly unique game from Rarestone gaming. The gaming company is an affiliate of Playtech and is responsible for bringing the Chinese Zodiac animals to one of these free slots online. You’re going to see the familiar Chinese Zodiac animals done in the familiar chibi or cute fashion, meant to make the game appeal to players of all persuasions.

The betting range for the Playtech game is seen as regular as well. Players can choose from between $0.20 to a high of $500. There’s a high percentage of ways to win here too, while looking at a possible jackpot prize of about  2.400x your initial bet. The RTP is set to 96.49%, an average rating for a whimsical reel too.

Becoming a VIP with 12Emerald

If you want to get the most out of your winnings, become a VIP member under Playtech’s club. You’ll be receiving all the best of the monthly bets, as well as some great bonuses. This includes a welcome package for VIP members, a treat on your birthday, and a personal manager for your online casino needs.

Becoming a member also means that you’ll be prioritized when making top-up or banking transactions. You’ll also gain access to special promotions, aside from monthly special events. With these benefits, the online casino platform shows that joining their clubs are worth it.

12BET Zodiacs are Worth a Shot

Clearly, this online reel is a casual reel, meant more for fun than anything else. The combination of Wild multipliers, along with the reduction of symbols that give a low payout, makes it a reel worth trying for first time players. Head on over to 12BET and take a look at the game and decide if it’s too casual for you or not.

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