Usher in The Year of the Tiger Playing 12Sapphire’s Gold Fortune Festival

Usher in The Year of the Tiger Playing 12Sapphire’s Gold Fortune Festival

Contrary to what you may think because of Gold Fortune casino slots’ name, it isn’t some gold-ridden online slot. Rather, think of it as an online slot decked in the golden color of Chinese culture—much like there’s a Golden City, or a Gold Emperor, if you will.

This online slot does promise a lot in the way of golden jackpots and prizes, though, but you would love to see that first to believe it. Let’s not wait any longer—we’re going to dive right down into one of a long list of 12Sapphire games in this slot and look at its basics as well as the bonuses players can get when playing.

Get the Lucky Symbols and the Free Games

A good sight to see if you’re playing this online slot machine is that there’s 243 ways to win this across the reels. You also have the choice to bet as low as 0.68 to as high as 34 coins. There are different symbols here but seeing the Dancing Lion alone will remind you that this slot is of Chinese culture.

You can try for the Free Games feature too. These are bonus games which are triggered by Drum Scatter symbol. The feature is then activated, which gives you chances to grow a progressive jackpot. This game’s highest multiplier stops at just 75, though, and with luck, you could win it from other players.

Getting Lucky with the 0.6% Cashback Instead

If your luck isn’t on the reels, then perhaps it’s in one of the many 12BET deposit bonus games! Try the 0.6% Slot Games Cashback promo, where you can win even if you’re not having such a good time on the reels. You stand to earn from 0.4% to 0.6 cashback from the casino platform, not to mention weekly free spins as well.

All you have to do is to go to the promo page to join and fill in your details. Press the SUBMIT button to confirm participation. You should place as many bets as you can during the promo period, but it doesn’t matter what club you’re in. Make sure you’re playing in a participating club, though.

What This Slot Is

If you’re looking for a slot where you’ll win a large money or be dazzled by advanced slot mechanics—this isn’t it. The Skywind software does it justice, though, and it is the perfect slot for those only beginning to play in online casinos. Take a spin and try it out, you might end up loving it.


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