Voodoo Who Do Win Jackpots for You in 12Quartz Voodoo Magic

Voodoo Who Do Win Jackpots for You in 12Quartz Voodoo Magic

Clearly, with games like the 12Quartz Easy-to-Win Voodoo Magic, it almost feels like Halloween is not yet over. The Pragmatic Play slot is one of the developer’s weirder and macabre offerings. The theme, as well as the ambience lent to it by the music, is definitely as creepy as you can get.

Can you even ask the Voodoo loas for their capricious favors while playing this game? Take a spin on the wild side and try it out. We’re also going to take a look at how connected this Pragmatic Play product is to the previously concluded Halloween season and if it’s still a good slot for November.

In Line with the Season

For some people, Halloween never really goes away. Developer Pragmatic Play is no stranger to themes fit for the season, either; you’ve got online slots like Wild Walker, where you play with zombies; Mysterious, where ghosts are the main antagonists; and Cowboys Gold, where skeletons hamper your quest for a prize similar to the Voodoo Magic casino jackpot.

Whether you choose to play this online slot or not, keep in mind that this nicely themed slot machine has 40 pay lines to help you win. It is also a 5-reel product. Stakes from 20 to 100 credits can be used, and the slot possesses a highly volatile nature for those who love a little extra risk.

More Cash from Daily Wins?

Have you even started to think about how you’re going to spend money you get from breaking your Piggy Bank open? In 12BET Asia’s promo, you’re going to get the chance to do that! Get the chance to fill up your pockets with cash simply playing Pragmatic Play games.

Simply play games under the 12Quartz (Pragmatic Play) platform daily and get the chance to win a jackpot in prizes. You can get prizes in the form of money or in the form of a cash multiplier as high as x1,000 your bet. You don’t even have to calculate that to know that it’s a lot of money.

Having Fun as a Beginner

Truthfully speaking, Voodoo Magic isn’t the slot you’re going to look for in 12BET if you’re a long-time player, but beginners will enjoy its gameplay. If you’re also looking to play casually, then you’ve found the right online slot.


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