Win a Dragon’s Hoard of Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Dragon Hot Hold & Spin

Win a Dragon’s Hoard of Jackpots in 12Quartz’ Dragon Hot Hold & Spin

The dragon is often seen as a symbol of a hoarder of great riches or a benevolent entity, ready to give treasures to those who seek it and are found worthy. If you’re willing to invest in Pragmatic Play’s best slots, then give Dragon Hot, Hold & Spin a try.

This online slot lets you try out different combinations en route to a win, or up to 20,000x your stake—that’s a sort of a promise. Let’s see if they’re good for their word on one of 12Quartz’ games list. We’re going to see if a combination of 12BET’s features with that of the developer works wonders.

The Dragon’s Hoard of Jackpots

The Dragon Hot, Hold & Spin slot is a 3-row, 5-reel perfection. It has an old-school feel to it and that’s evident with how Pragmatic Play designed this reel. Your betting range starts at $0.05 and can go all the way to $250, with the Hold & Spin feature in full effect.

The RTP stands at 96.70% and is at a good clip. You also have a 1000x payout to look forward to, if you’re lucky enough to roll the best symbols on the slots. The Hold & Spin feature gives you the chance to receive Coin symbols, which you need to trigger the Big Money Wheel bonus.

A Great Time for a Promo

Christmas is a time for everyone to celebrate, and what’s a little celebration without having a promo? Try out the Santa’s Wonderland Promo, which runs from well before Christmas and during the New Year week and beyond. You’ll have your best pick of 12BET Asia slots here.

If you want to play, you best make sure that you’re an active 12BET player. You can choose from the Cash Drop and the Tournament promos. The Cash Drop helps you get your heart’s desire in multiplier bonuses, while the Tournament lets you play for a jackpot prize.

Finishing Strong for the Year

The dragon also symbolizes change, and that’s what should happen to your fortune if you manage to roll the online slots bonus here. Play the game and see if it’s good for you as a long-time player, but definitely choose it if you’re a beginner learning the ropes of the online casino game!


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