Winning Tradition or Traditional Wins in 12Sunstone’s RNG Dragon Tiger

Winning Tradition or Traditional Wins in 12Sunstone’s RNG Dragon Tiger

Due to the situation with COVID-19, people are finding it hard to go outside and play in casinos or do their favorite things. The 12BET live casino has you covered in this regard. Many casino games have since developed online versions, as in the case of the popular classic, Dragon Tiger.

This, along with games like Mahjong and others, tend to attract big crowds in Asian casinos. Its fame is even growing across the world. Online casinos in many other regions have featured this game, and so this is a casino review of sorts to determine whether this version of Dragon Tiger is a great game to play.

The EA Version of Dragon Tiger

A lot of online gaming casinos have covered different versions of this popular Asian casino staple. This version of EA Gaming has grown in popularity across Asia and Europe and there are a lot of people who play it. This lets the player play against a highly-intuitive AI, which can read every move and devise ways for the bank to win.

Each card is governed by the RNG sequence although the rules of the game are not that different from how it is played. The bigger card is always the winner. In the original version of this RNG Dragon Tiger slot-like game, the cards correspond to different odds, although the highest odds remain at 1:50.

The 12BET Autumn Experience

Is it because of Autumn that people are looking to play more and more at home? Aside from the cooler weather, the vibrant colors, and the different experiences during the season, it is in autumn that the 12Sunstone online Dragon Tiger registrations heat up! A simple log in should help you see what you can win from different promotions from the club.

It’s totally worth it to sign up for any of the online and live casino clubs in the 12BET platform. There are special promotions to discover during the month of October, especially near Halloween. There are also different clubs you can choose from, not to mention Free Spins for 1212 lucky players during Friday!

Should You Play Dragon Tiger?

The live dealers and the experience to play this classic game is a bonus, but you’re playing against AI when you play RNG Dragon Tiger. This is the same when playing the online casino version—if you want to try it out, you should know the basics of the game first.


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