You’ve Heard of Big Bass–Now Get Ready for 12Quartz Bigger Bass Bonanza!

You’ve Heard of Big Bass–Now Get Ready for 12Quartz Bigger Bass Bonanza!

If you’ve played Big Bass Bonanza before, then you have yet to play Bigger Bass Bonanza from Pragmatic Play. The reason why it’s so familiar is because it borrows from the Big Bass Bonanza game, from the reel features to the gameplay that’s designed to reel you in.

It’s got a lot of the great features that slots players would look for, but does it fit right into the 12Quartz live casino line-up? Take a look at what this slot offers—is it a bit like Big Bass Bonanza or something like other games with a similar theme? Let’s begin.

Some Noticeable Changes in the Bonanza

It’s a bit evident right away that this reel isn’t the same as Big Bass Bonanza. Pragmatic seems to have worked overtime to make the 5-reel, 4-row online game a delight to players. It also has some improved graphics that seems to go with the overall theme of the slot quite well.

You’ve got your standard features here to make your gameplay exciting. You have the Free Spins, where Wild Symbols help you make the most money. You’ve also got an elusive Fish Scatter on the reels, which is worth x4000 you bet, if you’re lucky enough to reel it in.

Playing for The Jackpot This Christmas

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Lucky Enough to Be A Great Slot?

In the case of Bigger Bass Bonanza, though, this 12BET review does find everything bigger. It is, however, directed toward the casual crowd even more than Big Bass Bonanza, but by no means is it a lesser slot. In any event, you’re guaranteed a good time if you choose this slot!


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