eSports News: eSports Organizer BLAST Bares 2022 Plans

eSports News: eSports Organizer BLAST Bares 2022 Plans

New Year means a new calendar for eSports teams and first up to announce their plans is the tournament organizer BLAST. They have announced their plans for 2022, with the eSports tournament in question being their own brand of CS:GO tournaments.

This is already the series’ third edition and will include several CS:GO tournaments to be played throughout the year. This will also give a total prize of $2.47M, to be divided in small competitions and different inclements. The tournament series’ structure and format will remain largely unchanged, however.

Widening the Field

BLAST recognizes the sheer number of teams wanting to compete in the tournaments in their creation of the Spring and Fall Showdowns. The BLAST Premier CS:GO tournaments will be split into two regions: those playing in Europe and North America, while others will be grouped into the Rest of the World.

A returning mechanic that teams should look out for would be the ‘Race to the World Final Leaderboard.’ This will be a measuring stick of sorts that teams could use to determine how near or far they are in grabbing the coveted prize. Teams will earn points in the leaderboard, and these will be the basis for them to move to the World Final.

“Countless Brilliant Storylines”

Andrew Haworth, BLAST Premier commissioner, said that the last two years of the BLAST CS:GO seasons have contributed to ‘brilliant storylines’ featuring the best teams competing for top honors. He said that eSports betting channels and others are also benefitting largely from the increasing high standards of the players and the competition.

Analysts watching the eSports scene are in agreement that BLAST’s CS:GO competitions have contributed hugely to the industry. Not only that, but it has also helped raise the bar for eSports teams who want to compete in these tournaments. 

Looking Forward to the Horizon

What’s next for BLAST, asks many of the industry observers as well as 12BET live betting players. The Spring and Fall showdowns should contribute to the continued rise of standards of play, experts and analysts say. It will also be a huge opportunity for teams to play in the Fall and Spring Finals and World Final, which—BLAST Premier promises—will feature top-tier teams and similarly top-level competition.


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