2021 Champions League Power Rankings: Liverpool Joins Chelsea, Man City on Top

2021 Champions League Power Rankings: Liverpool Joins Chelsea, Man City on Top

With all eyes set on Matchday 3, let’s look at how the state of affairs are in football. UEFA rankings have remained largely the same with football UEFA fans are interested in the main focus. EPL stalwarts Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool have all been performing well, but the rest of Europe are slowly but surely catching up.

The 32 teams have all switched places but the top 5 contained 3 English clubs, a German standard, and even a French club that’s seen better days lately. Any true football and UEFA follower will have no trouble guessing who these teams are, but some might be puzzled.

The EPL, French, and German Top Tier Clubs

At one point in the Champions League table, Chelsea ruled at the top. Thomas Tuchel seemed to know the UEFA competition inside and out to keep Manchester City and Liverpool at bay. The two were at the 3rd and 2nd position, respectively, in the tables, thanks to Man City’s demolition or RB Leipzig and Liverpool’s disposal of AC Milan.

Bayern and PSG, meanwhile, have been making strides towards the top. At the 4th and 5th spots, these teams solidified their position thanks to Bayern’s pummeling of also-ran Barcelona in a 3-0 match. PSG, for their part, held on to stalwart defense to hold off Gent at an arm’s length during their match.

The Current Five—A Reversal of Fortunes

That was then, and this position is now. Chelsea finds themselves at the 5, courtesy of some questionable performances at Stamford Bridge. The Reds, meanwhile, posted a great soccer live score of 5-1 against Porto, enough to keep them at the 4th spot.

The only EPL mainstay remaining at the top 3 is Chelsea, who suffered a defeat at the Parc Des Princes despite ending the match with a lone shining spot at the attack. PSG and Bayern now find themselves at the 2nd and the 1st spot, respectively, largely due to how they handled opponents. At PSG, it was all thanks to Messi’s appearance in time for the match against Man City, while Bayern was just their same efficient selves over two games.

What Will Come Next

There’s still Matchday 3, but a lot has happened in the UEFA Cup competitions that 12BET matchmakers are finding it hard on which team will secure their position to get the silverware. Look for the upcoming matches to make it clearer which teams will make the round of 16 and, eventually, the round of 8.


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