After Juventus Pockets First Win, A Look in Serie A Rankings

After Juventus Pockets First Win, A Look in Serie A Rankings

Another round of Serie A competitions have ended as Serie A odds betting sites are looking to capitalize on these series of fixtures. Napoli looks strong, even as AC Milan and Inter are hot on their heels. Roma is on the move once again while Atalanta and Juventus seems to have their groove back, for the good.

As it looks like, the rankings have a rather interesting appearance after these games. Juventus, in particular, are beginning to recover from finding themselves without a Cristiano Ronaldo to rely on. They move away from the lower parts of the rankings as the competition heats up.

Napoli and Inter Making Strides

While Juventus football betting fans are looking with wary eyes on their team’s movement, Inter and Napoli fans have a lot of reasons to celebrate. Both teams are at position 1 and 2 on the power rankings ladder, respectively, after a hotly contested first part of the season.

Napoli, for their part, seems to be on a mission with their unblemished record. Though it is still early in the season, only time will tell whether they are pretenders, or this record is the real deal. Inter, on the other hand, seems to be benefitting from Simone Inzaghi’s insightful steering. They continued to keep the pace even while down 10 men in their last match against Fiorentina.

Milan and Juventus—Teams That Are Wildcards

Juventus may have gone without CR7, but they are still with Massimiliano Allegri, the five-time winner from 2015-2019 and a coach who knows how to win, even without a deep roster. People are expecting him to renew Dybala now that CR7 has ‘come home.’

Meanwhile, 12BET oddsmakers are interested to see how AC Milan’s fortunes hold up. The Italian club has invested heavily on a number of players including Giroud, Florenzi, and Diaz. Those are only some of their haul; still, it depends on how Zlatan Ibrahimovic holds up, not to mention his connection with all of his new teammates.

As It Looks Like—The Season for Juventus

It’s been too early to tell, although the Bianconeri—who suffered an early exit at the UEFA Champions League courtesy of FC Porto—are still in the thick of the fight in Serie A, with their goal being to finish within the top four.

Expect to get more sports betting news about Juventus to be connected with the loss of CR7. The future is still bright for Juventus, but time will tell whether they will end up among the top in this edition of the Serie A.


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