Best GoalKeepers in UEFA Champion’s League Fantasy Football

Best GoalKeepers in UEFA Champion’s League Fantasy Football

There are more performers that UEFA. com has their eyes on during Matchday 2. This time, it’s the goalkeepers that are out to prove that they’re the creme de la creme. For players of Fantasy Football as well as soccer predictions fans, here are the goalkeepers that can be considered ‘wildcards’ or even the ‘savior’ of fantasy football teams everywhere.

From surprise matchday winners Sheriff up to EPL royalties Manchester City, here are some keepers worth having on your fantasy 12BET UEFA Champions League 2021 teams. This doesn’t mean that other keepers will be shoved to the side. This is an early bird edition, a look into the early performing shot stoppers of the UCL 2021.

Sheriff’s Athanasiadis and Man City’s Ederson

Sheriff’s Giorgos Athanasiadis and Manchester City’s Ederson are surprise contenders here, showing why they’re worth keeping tabs on. In the case of the latter, the EPL team keeper is a great performer in the domestic league, scoring five clean sheets in recent matches. Although they have yet to get a win following a 2-0 drubbing from Paris Saint-Germain, expect the team and the keeper to stamp their class on Club Brugge.

Athanasiadis is a curious case all by himself. The Sheriff keeper failed to keep their team’s scoreboard pristine, but he was instrumental in overcoming a fighting Real Madrid team. Athanasiadis, sans his performance against Madrid, is an effective player, making 11 saves and earning Player of the Match honors in the process. With him earning eight points, it makes it worth it to have him on your Fantasy Football team.

Surprises from Groups E to H—Juan Musso and Odysseas Vlachodimos

Juan Musso and Odysseas Vlachodimos are pretty affordable options for any 12BET Champion’s League team. Musso, the Atalanta keeper, managed to snag the #1 jersey after providing Udinese value for his services. It was also instrumental for the goalie to provide sterling performance against Villareal and Young Boys, two sides that just couldn’t keep up with Atalanta.

Benfica’s Vlachodimos is the same, making a case on defense with a 77% save clip. Benfica’s opener against Dynamo Kyiv isn’t fair by all standards, but it was a showcase in how the Greek could be effective if given a chance. That their second game is against Barca didn’t really help the team, although the Spanish side is having troubles of their own, at the moment. It’s a golden opportunity, though, for Vlachodimos to redeem himself with a clean sheet.

Expect More Surprises in the Competition

With the UEFA Champion’s League yet to heat up, there should be some surprise keepers—and a few consistent ones—that players of the Fantasy Leagues will be fortunate to pick. Be on the lookout for changes in the rankings as teams start to get their tactics in groove. –with references from UEFA Champions League and FF Scout


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