EPL: Newcastle United Front Office Positions Filling Up as Takeover Completes

EPL: Newcastle United Front Office Positions Filling Up as Takeover Completes

Former Arsenal winger Marc Overmars is in talks to become the Director of Football over at St. James’ Park in the latest Newcastle United news. This follows after a Saudi-connected group took over ownership of the football club. Overmars’ impending appointment follows after a similar series of moves are set to happen in Camp Nou, this one concerning Real Madrid great Xavi Hernandez.

The Dutchman perhaps gave Newcastle some thoughts to mull over. He broke fans’ hearts after scoring the opening goal over Arsenal’s 1998 FA Cup Final victory over the club. Currently, the former player is in a role with Ajax since 2012.

Other Series of Moves for the Club

Xavi and Overmars are reportedly eyeing improvements for their clubs and a player may be their common connection: Ousmane Dembele. The player is being eyed by Xavi for a potential double winger duo at Barcelona if his appointment at manager pushes through; on the other hand, the English football team is looking to bolster their ranks and Dembele may also be their man.

Dembele’s contract with Barcelona sits at an astounding 120M when he moved over from Borussia Dortmund in summer 2017. So far it hasn’t been easy for the Frenchman, who has struggled at the club and is still trying to find his footing at Barcelona. Injuries haven’t helped his case so far, and a move may be in the books for the 24-year-old, if he so feels.

Movements To and From Clubs

Overmars’ current team has been historically known to produce some of the greatest talents. Recently, they have also been developing some promising talent into big stars and, eventually, these players move away on big-money deals to play on other clubs. Overmars has actually scooped up Andre Onana from Barca for pennies and turned him into one of Europe’s best shot-stoppers, helping him earn more.

In the case of Dembele, he will be available for free transfer in the summer. It is speculated by 12BET sportsbook analysts that Dembele could potentially be wooed to move to Newcastle for less. Pundits are looking at his contract to be worth somewhere around 12.6M for five years.

Newcastle is Making Some Moves

Aside from Dembele, Newcastle has been looking to bolster their talent in some positions. 12BET UK followers have noted that Inter Milan’s Marcelo Brovozic is also available for free this summer. Newcastle is currently monitoring his situation with his current club, where discussions have stalled; it seems that the new ownership is serious about finally securing domestic silverware for the club.


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