eSports in India: How 2021 Helped Form Indian eSports

eSports in India: How 2021 Helped Form Indian eSports

eSports is a steadily rising industry in India, but 2021 will always be cited as a year of struggles and transformation for Indian eSports. Perhaps one of the biggest newsmakers during the year was the banning of the Federation for eSports in India of one of the biggest titles for competitive gaming, PUBG Mobile.

Signs that eSports is surging in India is evident in how the scene managed to survive despite the many troubles. The eSports industry posted net profits of £29.9M in 2021 and is expected to even climb as high as £109M, per estimates from various sources.

India’s eSports Title Situation

The Krafton-developed PUBG, in its present form, suffered from a 9-month ban. That’s when the developers released the new version in June. The rebranded Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) ended up being one of the hottest 2021 best eSports titles in the region.

The eSports scene has become a self-sustaining scene in India as can be seen in the Valorant scene. This PC title didn’t suffer from oversaturation in the market. The PUBG rebranding may have created a temporary void but, instead of looking for other mobile titles, its market simply bided their time playing PC titles such as Valorant, Warzone, and Apex Legends.

The Benefits of Holding Online Events

The year has also been cruel to India with regards to events and how lockdowns and restrictions have been forcing them to adjust. The result for eSports games and betting, however, was that most events were held online. A lot of big brands—a major example is AMD and Velocity Gaming’s partnership—stepped in to cash in on the opportunity.

Groups like NODWIN Gaming moved in to take the opportunity of new paths where they can deliver their message. It was even timed perfectly since they are looking to branch out into neighboring regions such as South Africa. Their focus for South Asian dominance remained steadfast, but their goal has become to create lasting eSports partnerships and develop their business further.

The Future—More Inclusion and Big Prize Pools

With the modernization of the sport also comes fairer and more inclusive territories for eSports. Women had more participation in the game, with teams like VLT Asteria being introduced by Velocity Gaming. With more inclusion also comes bigger prize money and more coverage by 12BET online sports betting outlets, the same that had been in the BGIS Indian eSports Tournament. It truly is becoming the future today for the eSports scene in the country.


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