FIFA World Cup 2022: A Deeper Look Into FIFA’s Biennial Plans

FIFA World Cup 2022: A Deeper Look Into FIFA’s Biennial Plans

Currently, the FIFA World Cup 2022 teams are trying to get out of the qualifiers and into the group stage. However, once this is done, it appears that there will be a FIFA World Cup to try for in the next 2 years—that is, if the FIFA Organization will have their way.

The FIFA competitions have been held every 4 years since its inception. There are also only a handful of countries to win the coveted Cup, most of them coming from South America or from Europe. The current FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, hopes to change that.

A Change in Hostilities

According to the current president, he aims to have audiences see international football scores every two years instead of four. It’s in his vision to hold the men’s World Cup every two years in an effort to foster more competition and to give more member countries a chance to win.

The proposal has been controversial, to say the least. There are people who are thrilled with the prospect of waiting for the World Cup to resume for so short a time. There are others who are on the side of most countries, complaining about the logistics and costs needed to prepare for the World Cup so soon after the previous competition.

A Pretty Staunch Opposition to the Plan

Those opposed to the plan are nothing short of the who’s who of the yearly competition. No less than French star Kylian Mbappe came out against the plan to hold a biennial World Cup, noting that such a proposal can speed up the wear on tear on superstars. This is not to mention that there could be a lack of quality in opposition, should this proposal happen.

There are also continental competitions that are held in a different yearly cycle than the World Cup, which is also covered by sports betting online. There have been fears that these would suffer in case the biennial plan of Infantino pushes through. This is notwithstanding that the FIFA is currently pushing for a further 48 teams to be included in the competition instead of the current 36.

Voice from the Outliers

While the opposition from the European and South American associations have been pretty strong, there have been organizations in support of the move. Those from Africa—fast becoming a power to rival the Europeans and the South Americans—voiced their support for such a move, as well as most of those in Asia and in North America. If the ayes have it, then it looks like a busy day in the office for FIFA and for 12BET sportsbook fanatics.


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