FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA Makes Case for Bi-yearly International Men’s Football Competition

FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA Makes Case for Bi-yearly International Men’s Football Competition

The governing body for football just released a case for the FIFA Football World Cup to be held every two years instead of four. They’ve enlisted the help of football fans around the world, despite some resistance from noisy quarters in South America and Europe.

The latest PR tactic from the football body came in the form of an online survey that’s FIFA-sanctioned. There is no connected statement from FIFA, however, including details of the methodology used nor the questions asked, but they said that there have been notable differences in opinion between the football powerhouses and the “developing football markets.”

Some Stiff Resistance from the Old Guard

Big 12BET online sports betting markets belonging to the UEFA and the South American CONMEBOL have made their opposition to the plan vocal. They’ve even threatened to boycott these World Cups, should the plans push through.

Traditionally, Europe and South America have a combined 65 members our of the 211 that make the FIFA body. These members are also the big markets, where the perennial FIFA World Cup winners have come from. That being said, the majority of FIFA members still outnumber them should the need to block a proposal arise.

How Things are Progressing Currently

In its current state, all six continental football federations stage their own championships. Europe, for  its part, hosts their own tournament in a similar fashion to Football World Cup qualifiers, and only once every four years. They also make sure to have their players well-rested in-between World Cups, with competitions held halfway between the next competition.

In their case, the women’s world cups are already held two times in between each four-year cycles. The reasoning behind this is simple—all the top teams and all the prime athletes compete at the Olympics. This is also the same case for the Women’s World Cup.

Aimed Towards Maximum Inclusion

When asked about their reason for holding the World Cup every couple of years, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said that the competitions should be aimed toward making the competition more accessible to other nations. No matter what the football score is, a lot of the 211 member countries never qualify to play in the group stages.

One of the first steps toward this was to increase the field of competition from 32 teams to 48. This was to begin in the 2026 tournament in North America. 


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