FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA Pushing for Wealthy Countries to Support Biennial World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022: FIFA Pushing for Wealthy Countries to Support Biennial World Cup

On Monday, the FIFA board made claims that having a single FIFA World Cup 2022 every four years won’t bring in massive profits for member countries; on the other hand, staging a World Cup every two years would help these member federations, according to current president Gianni Infantino.

Infantino also expressed confidence that the measure would be supported by other countries, although it is currently embroiled in controversy. The president said that it is still his idea that the motion would not be blocked by opposing member countries South America and Europe.

Infantino’s Intentions

The current FIFA president was speaking after a virtual summit held by FIFA together with different federations to discuss the project. There was still no vote on whether the football world cup, held every four years, would push through to be held every two years since there was no vote cast during the meet.

The global body held feasibility studies on whether such a model would be sustainable. The studies claimed to have profound effects on “football’s economic situation” if the biennial model of the tournament would push through. Currently, the World Cup is being held in a four-year fashion for both the Men’s and Women’s competitions.

Studies to Back the Proposition

There had been other studies conducted on the possibility of holding the World Cup every two years instead of four. According to Nielsen research, it is expected that $4.4 billion in additional revenue would be created over four years. This included profit from different factors like media rights, gate receipts, sponsorship, and legal sports betting online.

In a bid to convince the 211 member federations, 207 of whom were present during the Monday virtual meet, FIFA vowed it would remit at least an extra $19 million to each member per year. The same amount will be handed over to major federations like Brazil and France, for instance, as it would Guam or Andorra.

In Pursuit of Fairness

Since the World Cup was first held in 1930, there had only been eight countries consistently winning the coveted silverware. These countries are 12BET online sports betting favorites and either come from Europe or South America. It has been difficult for a country outside of these confederations to win in the World Cup. A biennial World Cup would solve that, according to Infantino.


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