FIFA World Cup 2022: More on the Biennial Proposal Opposition from Mbappe and Lewandowski

FIFA World Cup 2022: More on the Biennial Proposal Opposition from Mbappe and Lewandowski

Football stars Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe are currently trying to make their voices heard in opposition of the FIFA World Cup’s latest version—or at least, against the latest plan being offered by the world football governing body. This is after a meeting with 211 football associations from nations across the body had been concluded.

The plan was for the football world cup to be held every two years instead of four, in a bid to get more countries involved in the group stages. It was also revealed that this move would help raise more revenue per annum than if the World Cup was held in its current form.

Taking Its Toll on the Players

Robert Lewandowski, Chelsea’s almost-player, and Kylian Mbappe have come out to air their grievances. They cite that it’s going to be a challenge for the athletes, saying that the physical toll it would take on the players doesn’t make the revenue from ticketing and everything else worth it.

The motion does have some rather heavy backers, however. There is FIFA president Gianni Infantino, who was the one who initiated the motion. There’s also Arsene Wenger, chief of global football development as well as former football manager in the EPL.

Associations Backing Mbappe and Lewandowski

In case Mbappe and Lewandowski needed support, they won’t be without it. The regional associations CONMEBOL and UEFA, where Mbappe and Lewandowski’s home nations belong, are strongly in favor of the current set-up of the World Cup. They think that the added profits from online sports betting would definitely be worth it.

Lewandowski and Mbappe both have their own strong ideas about this. Mbappe said that the reason why the World Cup is held every four years is because it is a special event. Lewandowski, meanwhile, said that out of all the games they play every year, there’s no wonder why they need all the breaks they could possibly get.

What’s Next for FIFA

In what could be bad news for 12BET Sportsbook players, this proposal is believed by both players to be a bad one that could very much undermine the competition’s reputation, not to mention keep players pressured to perform again and again. The only solution, so it seems, would be for the FIFA organization to work out some kind of concession that would make the biennial World Cup make sense.


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