FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar Pledges to Create a Unique World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar Pledges to Create a Unique World Cup

The quadrennial World Cup this year will be held in Qatar, and it’s already had its share of controversy. Despite this, the country has promised that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be something to look forward to. The event will be held from November 21 to December 18 and will be the first World Cup to be held in an Arab country.

Many issues point towards the abuse of migrant workers, a radical football calendar, and how the World Cup had been awarded to the state, whose main export is oil—a much-needed commodity. It all started when the awarding allegations came out and that some African officials had pocketed $1.5 million.

Corruption Among Officials

The earlier allegations of officials being paid money for the rights to host the Football World Cup was further proven when it was revealed that CONCACAF president Jack Warner received a payola of around $2 million. Some officials had been banned because of this, while others chose to become whistleblowers on the deal.

Nevertheless, Qatar is known to be the smallest nation to have ever bagged the rights to host a FIFA World Cup. It is also only the second country to secure said rights, despite not having ever qualified for any edition of the World Cup, much less the previous edition.

Adjustments to the Calendar

If that wasn’t enough, there had been concerns about the sweltering heat in the desert country. This necessitated the move to hold the World Cup during cooler climates in the region, which would clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, not to mention other regional calendars which would see football matches in Europe and other parts of the world being adjusted.

The weather and conditions under the pandemic have also introduced problems in protecting migrant workers’ rights. A report revealed that there are over 6,500 migrant workers—mostly coming in from neighboring countries like India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka—that have died in the country.

What the Future Looks Like for Football

There will have to be some adjustments made to make sure that these unfortunate incidents don’t happen again. While most events like 12BET online sports betting and others will go on, the World Cup 2022 stands as an iconic event because it will be the framework for how football World Cups will look like in the future.


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