FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe: Top Teams In As Italy, Portugal Make Drama Happen

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe: Top Teams In As Italy, Portugal Make Drama Happen

The state of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Europe is beginning to really shape up. As things currently stand, there are more than 10 nations that have already qualified for the group rounds. There are also 12 other nations that are still trying to compete for the playoffs.

Some have complained that this season is uniquely worst that the others because of unique circumstances, mostly the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s been this great—as things stand—and there are four international breaks upcoming. Here are the team rankings as they are so far.

The Teams Good Enough to Make It

There are teams that are still currently in the thick of competitions, still making interesting football scores in their matches. You have Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and Serbia all facing off against one or the other, with Serbia and Switzerland through, while Italy and Portugal are still there to make things interesting.

Italy was an interesting shock entrant to the list of teams that failed to make it to the top 10. Norway is another such team; they are currently 20th in the FIFA rankings in Europe, and most have expected them to make it past the groupings. It appears they weren’t up to scratch just yet.

More Drama than a TV Drama

The matches fought by Germany, Denmark, France, and Belgium aren’t easy, for sure. There are a lot they had to go through, with Germany and Denmark qualifying with just two games left and France and Belgium, only one. This could be stuff that the 12BET Sportsbook bettors live for.

On the other hand, you have most teams that experienced more challenges than they can afford. Contrary to what everyone believes, only England and Belgium experienced a bump-free ride en route to the group stages. Most teams experienced battles from teams that are already eliminated but played with their hearts on their sleeves.

How Things Will Shape Up for Europe

One thing’s for sure: most of these players have managed to shove aside their club-based differences and played as one team for country. The rest of the world should beware as it seems those teams that go through the FIFA Europe Qualifiers are sending a message: the World Cup champion this year will once again be a European nation.


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