Liverpool’s Second-Running Record in EPL 2021 Doesn’t Come Easy

Liverpool’s Second-Running Record in EPL 2021 Doesn’t Come Easy

At the start of the new season of the English Premier League, Liverpool finds themselves the toast of odds sport prediction analysts and casual observers alike. They share the top three spots with Manchester United and Chelsea. Whereas the Blues are on top, while the Red Devils take spot no.3, Liverpool find themselves at the second spot.

Why Are They at Second Place

Thanks to Antonio Rudiger’s stoppage time goal, Liverpool held off Tottenham Hotspur enough to solidify their spot at second. One does wonder why betting news favorites Liverpool finds themselves still at the second spot even if the win also drew them level with Chelsea FC.

While Liverpool won by 3 unanswered goals, Chelsea also did the exact same. It established records in the Premier League, where two teams have had identical results during their first five matches, each looking like they have the number of the other in goals unanswered and all that.

When Liverpool and Chelsea faced off at Anfield during Matchweek 3, they also drew a 1-1 game. That meant they had very little room to separate one from the other, although a rule in the League Handbook stipulated they are actually both in the top position. It’s just that Chelsea is ahead by a letter, literally—Chelsea is over Liverpool in alphabetical order.

Mirroring Fates Over at the Champions League

Meanwhile, over at the Champions’ League, the top three teams are familiar faces. Liverpool is currently at third place in the Power Rankings while the top two are surprising. At the top spot is Chelsea, currently enjoying their lofty position as the European champions proved worthy to blow away all competition. Manchester City isn’t quite there yet by international league standards—they were stellar against RB Leipzig while so-so against domestic league opponents Leicester City and Southampton.

All eyes are on the 12BET-listed Liverpool FC, who had to squeak in a win past AC Milan. Their matches in the last seven days, however, had been spectacular, blowing past game competition and having goalless opponents to show for their dominance.

Other managers would envy Jurgen Klopp’s position right now, given that the current manager has the comfort to try new things without having to worry about losses. For now, it seems that the team—a favorite of the aforementioned sports betting site in Asia—is the one to beat.


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