Nations League Draw 2022: What the Draw Looks Like for the Euro Tournament

Nations League Draw 2022: What the Draw Looks Like for the Euro Tournament

Interesting times are in for countries listed in the UEFA Nations League table as the draws have revealed who their opponents are. To offer a small picture—France finds itself in a group with Austria, just as Italy, England, and Germany find themselves bracketed. That’s not to mention Spain and Portugal are in one group as well.

The draw for the league phase of the third UEFA Nations League took place at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. UEFA Euro 2020 finalists England and Italy look headed to a clash once again, even as Germany and Hungary lie in wait. Other countries will be known eventually as promotions and relegations occur within the competition.

On England’s Situation 

The draw bunched England with a lot of their strongest Euro rivals, not to mention Hungary. England and Italy figured in an epic football game in the Euro 2020 finals. Meanwhile, there’s Germany, which Southgate’s side defeated in a 2-0 match during that competition.

Both Southgate and Roberto Mancini are familiar foes, but Germany’s Hansi Flick is a new face for the English side. They are certainly welcoming the challenge, though, as Southgate’s comments have pointed towards. It will be matches of epic proportions and even Hungary will be elated to face such strong European opponents.

The Story on the CONMEBOL Situation Thus Far

As if these European stalwarts aren’t enough competition for those in the UEFA Nations League, there are 10 South American countries set to join the Euro Nations League winners and other countries in the Nations League. That means EuroLeague followers will be able to cheer for Brazil and Argentina come 2024.

It looks like the deal is in the stage where only the format remains unclear. UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek, himself a former head of the Polish FA, said that it’s only a matter of time when countries from South America will join. The only problem remaining is how the format will look like and what restrictions they’ll need to work around.

The Picture So Far

In matches that will surely be covered by 12BET live betting outlets, the UEFA Nations League will pit Denmark against Austria, Croatia, and Nations League defending champions France. Meanwhile, aside from Spain, Portugal will have to face off against the Czech Republic and Switzerland in their respective groups.


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