Partick Bamford FIFA 22: Leeds Striker Discusses England Cap, Leeds Role in 2022

Partick Bamford FIFA 22: Leeds Striker Discusses England Cap, Leeds Role in 2022

Leeds striker Patrick Bamford counts himself among the many who are looking forward to reversed fortunes in 2022. The latest Patrick Bamford news states that one of the “incentives” for his return from injury is that, in 2022, the Qatar World Cup is much closer than when he was last sidelined in 2021.

He was last seen in action in September, injured during their match against Newcastle and having made his debut in a match against Andorra. At the time, he thought he would be able to play on the next international break—his injury turned out severe enough to keep him out of commission in games in both the Premier League and for England.

Momentum Broken

Bamford’s career was seen as being on a momentum, since he personally felt that 2021 was the “best year to date” for him. He cited that, if he wasn’t called up and just continued scoring goals, it would’ve already been a significant achievement for the 12BET sports athlete.

This wasn’t the first call-up for Bamford. He was already a mainstay in the England Men’s Football Team when he was still in his teens. Still, he admitted that the cap—in his adult days—was something he had been looking forward to, the cherry on top, so to speak, after all his hard work.

Slowly Getting Back

Bamford is slowly but surely getting back on his feet, though. He played against the Brentford football club in November, but it turned out to be too soon; he tweaked his hamstring in the game and was sidelined yet again, although he did score a stoppage-time equalizer.

He is yet again prepared to return this month against rival clubs, after having been judged to be “touch and go” in their game last January 2. With the Qatar World Cup being so near, Bamford is trying to remain positive and take things easier this time, to avoid having a repeat of the injuries he’s had so far.

Focused on the Issues at Hand

Aside from his injuries, Bamford has certainly had a lot of time on his hands to focus on bigger issues, such as keeping safe from the pandemic. The Liverpool manager has already called for some sort of measure to control the spread amongst players busy with the EPL fixtures. For a returning Bamford, this—aside from regaining his form—takes precedence above all other issues.


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