The 12BET Sports Starter Pack – More Wins That You Know What to Do

The 12BET Sports Starter Pack – More Wins That You Know What to Do

There are a lot of sporting competitions that will happen near the end of the year, welcome distractions after being postponed for so long. There’s been a 12BET World Cup review written about every team in the different regional qualifiers so far, and the field has been expanding as of late.

If you’re looking for more distraction, know that these different sports—whether cricket or football—can be bet on. Guess the results and correctly predict which team will win over the other. What’s more, 12BET has an ongoing promo where you can bet on various sports and all you need is a valid 12BET login.

Getting the Starter Pack

The Sports Betting promo comes as only one of the many ongoing promotions only at 12BET! You get a welcome bonus of 88% up front, as well as an unlimited daily cashback rate of 1%. There’s more to it, however, like all promos available in the platform.

You also stand to receive bonuses on top of bonuses! Enjoy the Starter Pack bonus, where you can also get a 100% welcome and 37% weekly bonus. You also get a 0.38% cashback rate. Even if you’re not that good at guess work, you have to admit that you’re almost set with these promo rates.

How Do You Get Started?

There are actually two platforms where you can try out sports betting on free bet (it comes in one of the promos). If you’re an avid follower of Asian sports, you can try your hand on sports betting at 12Sports. This platform covers the latest happenings on every Asian sport, and you get the best odds and handicaps money can’t buy.

On the other hand, you can also play over at BTi Sports. This section covers the widest range of different sports across the globe. It’s one of the best mobile platforms out there, and you have a chance to win big prizes as well.

Playing Sports on a Different Level

If you’re not that athletic, you can still play and enjoy sports over at 12BET! You can also enjoy an online sports welcome bonus when you try your hand at betting. Be it for the promotion or just for fun, you won’t stand to lose at 12BET!


About 12BET

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