Tottenham striker Harry Kane likely to miss a ‘few weeks’ due to ankle injury

Tottenham striker Harry Kane likely to miss a ‘few weeks’ due to ankle injury

Tottenham striker Harry Kane suffered an ankle injury in the 3-1 home loss to Liverpool on Thursday, as manager Jose Mourinho stated that both of Kane’s ankles were injured in the first half which could see him miss a “few weeks.”

“Two ankles, the first was a bad tackle, it was Thiago, the second one I didn’t know well,” Mourinho said.

“But two injuries in both ankles, the second one worst than the first one — a few weeks, I don’t know.”

The Spurs would have to deal with a jam packed schedule without Kane having two games a week across the Premier League, FA Cup, and Europa League.

“There are some players you can’t replace. When it happens it happens but I believe we have to fight against it, we cannot do anything else,” Mourinho said.

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Tottenham revealed errors from their defensive end that gave favor towards Liverpool having all three goals, and Mourinho acknowledges the matter.

“It’s a performance totally affected by defensive individual mistakes,” he said. “The team was very solid, very confident and in the first half we made three defensive mistakes – individual.”

Asked whether he thought the individuals were not good enough, he added: “I can’t say that. I’m not going to say that. These are your words, not my words.

“One thing is mistakes and another thing is not to be good enough. That’s a different story. I don’t say that at all. Everybody has to assume their responsibilities and try to improve.

“The reality is that you don’t need me to comment because you saw the game and you can give many directions to your analysis. You always end in the goals because the goals were the crucial parts of the game.

“By analysing the goals you can see that the three goals we conceded, the goals that was disallowed by Firmino and the Mane chance in the first minute.”