UCL 2021 Power Rankings: Bayern, Liverpool Up; Man City, PSG Down

UCL 2021 Power Rankings: Bayern, Liverpool Up; Man City, PSG Down

UCL goes live this Tuesday as exciting matches are promised in the group stage of the Champions League. The best of Europe goes up against each other in a knockout stage, where German sides Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are making an effort to be the first clubs to secure their spots in the round of 16.

A lot of storylines have also happened as the fixtures are secured. While EPL sides Liverpool and Chelsea–who are defending champions as well–have made the cut, both Man City and PSG have struggled to make their synergies within squads work. 

Apart from all the other observations from 12BET Sports news that are being done by observers, here’s how the other clubs within the top 10 have been doing.

The Bottom 5—How the Mighty Have Fallen

A look at the bottom 5 reveals the clubs Atletico Madrid, Atalanta, Man City, Chelsea, and Paris-Saint Germain. Some of these clubs have been in a series of unfortunate matches as of late. In the case of Chelsea and PSG, it’s all about poor synergies within squads, while Man City has been surprisingly finding it hard to win even with the UCL becoming their priority this season.

In the cases of Spanish side Atletico Madrid and Atalanta, they have found themselves struggling to make the top 10. At this rate, their positions aren’t a lock, even while Atalanta has a bigger chance to lock into their position in the top 10.

The Top 5—Anyone’s Ball Game

The top 5 are anyone’s ball game, considering how things have progressed. Dutch side Ajax are enjoying the 5th spot, which could be usurped at any moment–even Juventus’ 4th spot isn’t safe, although they’ve been doing far greater than other clubs at the bottom position. The best clubs to play live soccer so far are the top 3, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Borussia Dortmund.

Both Bundesliga sides have enjoyed the services of top-notch players. In Dortmund’s case, it is striker Erling Harland, while when talking about Bayern, they have been doing great with Robert Lewandowski. Liverpool, for their part, are doing great in both the UCL and in their domestic campaign.

Time to Catch Up?

The standings appear to be standard for the time being, but that’s the exciting part of it. It has been good so far for 12betinfo sports news followers and other sports fans. Stay tuned in and find out whether your favorite team stays on to the group of 8, or flounders.

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