UEFA Champions League 2021: Matchday 3 Speculations and Discussion

UEFA Champions League 2021: Matchday 3 Speculations and Discussion

With matchday 3 fast approaching, UEFA game observers will most likely download or follow any UEFA Champions League schedule they can get their hands on. The group positions are steadily being written and with interesting results. 

Here are what the groupings and where each team currently stands as they are.

A Quick Look at the Group Standings

This information might be important for those who want to base their football betting news on facts. In Group A, Paris Saint-Germain leads the way with 4 points, with Club Brugge at second, Man. City at third, and Leipzig dead last. Liverpool leads Group B, followed by Atletico, Porto, and Milan. Ajax are Group C leaders while following closely is Dortmund, and Besiktas and Sporting CP find themselves at third and fourth, respectively. 

Sheriff find themselves surprise Group D leaders, followed by Real Madrid, Inter, and Shakhtar Donetsk, in that order. Bayern is Group E’s top dog, followed by Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv, and Barcelona. Groups F and G are led by Atalanta and Salzburg, respectively. Young Boys, Man. United, and Villareal follow Atalanta, while Sevilla, Wolfsburg, and LOSC are playing catch-up to Salzburg.

What This Means for Matchday 3

On Matchday 3, there are some interesting matches to watch out for. Group A features battles between Brugge and Man. City as well as PSG against Leipzig. In Group B, Atletico faces off against Liverpool while Porto butts heads with AC Milan. Besiktas and Sporting CP go up against each other, as well as Ajax and Dortmund, in Group C, while Group D features clashes between Shakhtar and Real Madrid as well as Inter and Sheriff.

Notable matches in Groups E to H feature Barca against Dynamo Kyiv, Bayern against Benfica, Man United vs Atalanta, Salzburg vs Wolfsburg, Chelsea against Malmo, and Zenit against Juventus. It would be interesting to see these live soccer games, especially since Luis Suarez features in the battle against Liverpool.

Meanwhile, lookout for Thomas Muller to stamp his class against Benfica. It should be remembered that the Eagles have yet to defeat Bayern in their previous outings to the current.

What to Look Out Before Matchday 4

People should head over to the 12BET home page to see whether there are already sporting news and figures to use for their betting. What they should look out after these matches are whether Leipzig lives to fight another day, and if Atalanta and Man United stays true to their attacking form as their strongest defense as well.


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