UEFA Champions League 2021: The Group of 8, Power Ranked

UEFA Champions League 2021: The Group of 8, Power Ranked

Matchday 3 is looming on the horizon and the UEFA Champions League tables are heating up. In the current standings, European football’s best and brightest paints a different picture. It looks more and more, by the day, that a new champion might be crowned this year. With Chelsea’s recent performances, though, it looks like the field is open.

The most recent edition of the standings features three top-flight EPL clubs on the top of the charts. The players have benefited because of their strong performances both in domestic competition and in the UCL. Day by day, it looks more like the EPL trio will have to share their lofty positions with other top-flight European clubs. Here’s the scenario as it stands.

The Top 4—A Surprising Look

As it stands, football news has it that the top 4 would be two strong teams from the EPL, one team coming from Germany’s Bundesliga, and another a product of the French Premier League. The EPL is bannered by Manchester City and Liverpool, while Bayern Munich represents the Bundesliga, and Paris Saint-Germain is the club for the Ligue 1.

The bottom 4 of this group of eight represents a different picture. One strong club–Chelsea–is at the fifth spot, while the sixth to eighth spots are occupied by Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, and Sevilla. Ajax of the Eredivisie and Sevilla of the La Liga completes the top eight favored to advance, as of now.

What This Looks Like for the Field

It may all be due to a series of weird circumstances, but that Man. City is leading the field instead of last year’s champions is a picture of how well-rounded the competition is. Anyone could win even without a viable ‘star’ player. Even Man. City managed to stay on top despite a brutal week that featured matches against PSG, Chelsea, and Liverpool, who are all trying to catch up.

The dark horses–Ajax, Sevilla, and even Dortmund included–makes things more interesting to watch.  This multinational bracket features an exciting grouping that makes good fodder for an online sports betting site. Being dark horses, each of these teams could potentially go on a good stretch of run and claim the top spot without difficulty.

What It Looks Like for the Rest of the Field

This also means that anyone in the field could go on and become the 2021 Champions. A good bet would be Sheriff, who managed to become top in their own group. They’ve managed to shake up their group, and it seems that the honest 12BET sports review is that even the teams middling among the pack this year could make splashes on matchday 3.


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