UEFA Champions League: Expectations for the Matches on Matchday 6

UEFA Champions League: Expectations for the Matches on Matchday 6

As much as people are waiting for the FIFA World Cup, they are also looking out for the UEFA Champions League group matchups, as well as the final 16. There are still eleven clubs in Matchday 6 vying for the opportunity to play in the group considered to be the road to the silverware.

There’s no shortage of drama with the teams included in this group. Of note are the matches between AC Milan and Liverpool, Real Madrid and Inter, as well as Barcelona and Bayern and the rest of Group G, who are trying to avoid outright elimination from the competition.

The Fates for AC Milan and Real Madrid

The way things look for European football’s live scoring AC Milan is similar to how Atalanta managed their campaign two seasons ago. The latter have lost their first three, drew the fourth, then managed to keep on winning the last two enough for them to avoid elimination. Milan must pull through to create enough space for a ‘great escape’ out of their group.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, must rely on Luka Modric, who is playing with a chip on his shoulder to make his 100th Champions League appearance special. The Croatian is chasing after teammate Toni Kroos but will also have to line up to win—Kroos contributed heavily during Matchday 5, and Modric is surely looking to do the same.

Xavi and All of Group G Hopes to Squeak Through

Xavi, newly-minted manager of embattled Barcelona, hopes that he will not have to taste outright elimination from the Champions League. The 12BET-watched group is currently in danger of not progressing, and Xavi knows the feeling all too well—after all, his group as a player (for Barca) was the last to fail to qualify for the Group of 16.

Meanwhile, the rest of Group G—LOSC, Salzburg, Sevilla, and Wolfsburg—are hoping that they all make it into the Group of 16 to complete it. With matches against each other, that might be hard. Salzburg and LOSC only needs a draw to proceed, but Sevilla and Wolfsburg must win.

An Exciting Holiday Season for Football

With things shaping up as they are, online sports booking outlets will no doubt be busy during the holidays. The eight group toppers meet the eight runners-up in each group when the draws take place on Monday, 13 December, at the UEFA HQ in Nyon, Switzerland.


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