UEFA Champions League: Pique On Top of Defender-Scorers

UEFA Champions League: Pique On Top of Defender-Scorers

Despite Barcelona’s performance in the UEFA Champions League 2021, Gerard Pique has established himself among the defenders to watch out for in the competition. During their matches in October, he established one of his best performances so far with his 1-0 goal, worth putting the club over the top in their match against Dynamo Kiev.

This performance of Gerard Pique as a striker puts him level with another historic football player, Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos. Him and Carlos have become the highest-scoring defenders in the annals of the Champions League. It was his 16th goal in the competition, and it also helped the club beat a fighting Kiev.

A Tally of Fighting Defenders

Pique’s achievement falls into the halls of history by moving past another legend, Sergio Ramos, on the all-time list. Previously, Pique and Ramos were shoulder-to-shoulder in sharing the feat. Finally reaching up to Roberto Carlos might be a big achievement, but he might not be done just yet.

Pique’s goal-poaching antics from the back started during his campaign with Manchester United during their 2007-08 Champions League campaign, where they won the coveted award. Since then, he has added 14 European goals to that tally while playing for Barcelona.

A Superstitious Goal of Sorts

Perhaps, the Spanish national team player should make it a habit to goal in crucial games. A football match that featured a Pique goal was a football match that Barca would also win. Any of the 14 Champions League games where he scored always ended up in a win.

His goal also made him the oldest goal scorer in the Champions League. Previously, it was Sylvinho who, at 34 years and 241 days, was the oldest scorer in the competition. Pique managed to score at 34 years and 260 days well ahead of the legendary player.

Making History

Even though this puts Pique at the pinnacle of players who have ever donned the Barca uniform, it seems like he’s still trying to make things as unpredictable for the 12BET sportsbook fanatics. Still, this helps him climb in the upper echelons, where the big names are. The top six scorers have shared 655 appearances and no less than 18 titles.


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