UEFA Nations League 2021: Italy, England, Germany Gets Drawn into Same Group

UEFA Nations League 2021: Italy, England, Germany Gets Drawn into Same Group

With the end of the year nearing, the calendar starts to shift from 2021 to 2022 and the third edition of the Nations League comes to fruition. The UEFA Nations Cup 2021 gives way to the 2022 edition, with the draw held on Dec. 16 at the UEFA HQ in Switzerland.

The results were definitely a shocker, with the UEFA Nations League Group A becoming an early battleground. Italy, Germany, and England are all draw in the group, with the winner guaranteed a spot in the semifinals. The last-place team in the group will be relegated into League-B.

The Nations League as It Unfolds

While Italy, England, and Germany need to find a way to make it out of their group despite relatively little chances for all of them to do so, there are other countries that have fared better. You have France being drawn into a group that includes Croatia, Austria, and Denmark. This makes it look like defending the title they won against Spain last October will be easy.

Meanwhile, Belgium and the Netherlands are also in the same group, along with neighbors Spain and Portugal. This group, so far, appears to be the best-looking group in the League. This also means Portugal will try to make it out of this group to win the tournament.

What Happens to Those in the Lower Tiers

There are those that are expected to go through, but with three big countries in one group, only one will be able to make it through. One thing’s for sure—the football score in the Final 16 of the competition should be interesting enough to bet on.

There are other countries that are in the lower tiers that will be battling for promotion to the top-tier group. There are playoffs to be expected as well, in other major competitions aside from the top-tier of the tournament.

A Tie-Up with the Euro 2024

A tournament as big as this is sure to be tied up with other competitions sanctioned by FIFA, including the Euro 2024. 12BET Sports fans will have to watch out whether the countries they support will be given playoff berths, as it is expected from the competition. Czech Republic and Austria took this route to the FIFA World Cup playoffs.


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