UEFA Nations League: South American Teams All Set to Join in the UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League: South American Teams All Set to Join in the UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League discussions are currently ongoing in a bid to make the UEFA competitions better. A rather controversial move that the organization is considering is to include the CONMEBOL organization in the set-up of the UEFA Nations League cup competitions.

The likes of Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal might see themselves going up against Germany, Austria, and England once the motion pushes through. UEFA and CONMEBOL, for their part, has already reached an agreement, one that might see their organizations creating a new Nations League set-up if FIFA approves of it.

Discussions Already at Board Level

The respective boards of the CONMEBOL and the UEFA have already put the idea forward in discussions and UEFA vice-president Zbigniew Boniek has already agreed in the inclusion of the CONMEBOL. Football live competitions might become better looking because of it, although the memorandum does provide an early look on paper.

The 10 members of CONMEBOL will become part of the competition starting 2024, with four to join the League B and six becoming part of League A. Most of the competitions will be held in Europe to cut down on the travel time from their respective nations.

The Expansion—What It Will Bring

The agreement will have a joint office in London set up with the development of football “beyond (their) geographical zones” in mind. Further projects will be of common interest, and the ultimate goal is to foster closer relations between the European and South American football organizations.

While discussions are currently ongoing for an expanded Europe Football Nations League, there seems to be at least trouble when the FIFA is included in the mix. FIFA is putting up their own idea forward—a biennial World Cup instead of quadrennial—and there might be trouble considering this.

A League of their Own

Both sides appear unwilling to give concessions to the other and the idea might be a topic for 12BET sportsbook betting in itself. The UEFA and CONMEBOL are not in agreement of holding a revamped World Cup with shorter waiting time, while the FIFA might not agree with the proposal of including CONMEBOL teams in a UEFA competition. All of these would be interesting to watch come the new year.


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